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Basecamp has created a member dashboard to keep you on track of your attendance and progress. It’s a one stop place to stay on top of all of the following…

– Number of classes you’ve attended
– Achievements you’ve earned
– Upcoming scheduled classes
– Quick access to the class schedule
– Latest pics from the studio
– Member success stories


If you haven’t attended a Basecamp class yet, then you’ll need to sign up for an account from MindBody Online.

Select SIGN IN from the top navigation. Choose the studio location you will be attending. From the sign in page, select NEW TO BASECAMP? SIGN UP.

You will be taken to the MindBody Online website. Choose the class you would like to attend and select SIGN UP NOW to begin the sign up process.

Under Create Account, enter your first name, last name, and hit NEXT. You’ll be asked for your contact information, login, and agree to the terms. Select CREATE ACCOUNT.

Next time you can sign in and schedule your classes on Basecamp Fitness!


The fastest way to get your username and password is to select SIGN IN from the main navigation to access the sign in page.

Once on the sign in page, select the FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD link under the password input field.

You’ll then be taken to another page and asked to enter your email address, so we can send you instructions on how to proceed.

If your email is incorrect, you will need to contact your studio location directly.

How do I book a class?

In the top right, select the BOOK A CLASS button. You’ll then be taken to the class schedule for your studio.

From the class schedule, you can see all the classes available for the next 30 days. Select the SIGN UP button to view class information.

Select the BOOK THIS CLASS button to confirm your class.

The class you’ve booked will now have a blue BOOKED indicator.

If you do not see a blue BOOKED indicator, your class has not been scheduled.

How do I cancel a class?

You can cancel your class from your dashboard.

After you sign in, under your list of next classes, select the name of the class you wish to cancel.

When prompted, select CANCEL THIS CLASS to proceed.

When successful, you’ll receive a message, “You have successfully removed yourself from this class” and the canceled class will no longer be listed in your next classes.

What are badges?

Badges reward your accomplishments at Basecamp. We celebrate our members for achieving goals by pedaling miles and great attendance. Each badge represents your hard work.

Interested in seeing all the possible badges?

See all the badges here.

How are the badges updated?

Attendance badges are automatically updated based on the number of classes you attend.

Badges that are based on miles are updated by the studio staff, so it may take a few hours to show up on your dashboard.

Missing a badge? Something isn’t right? Speak with the staff the next time you visit Basecamp.

How can I add/change my photo?

Photos are taken at the Basecamp studio. If you need to change your photo or add a new photo, speak to the staff directly the next time you visit Basecamp.

I visit multiple basecamp studios, what do I need to know?

The member dashboard tracks each studio individually. Your sign in information remains the same for each individual studio location you visit.

We know some of our members visit multiple studios, so you can access all the studios you visit at any time. However, the badges, attendance, and class schedules are only for the studio location you are signed in to.

If you’ve earned badges at your home studio, you won’t see the same badges at the other studio you visit until you’ve achieved that goal there too.

Class attendance is specific to each individual studio location.

Find out how to switch your studio location below…

How do I switch my studio location?

Most members visit one studio, so they only have to enter their location the first time they sign in.

For the members that visit multiple Basecamp studios, each studio has it’s own member dashboard. Switching locations allows you to schedule classes and access your member dashboard for other Basecamp studios.

If you are signed in…

You must sign out to switch locations. Select the SIGN OUT button.

Now that you’re signed out…

Select SIGN IN. Select the blue CHANGE YOUR LOCATION text link under the sign in form.

When prompted, select the studio location you prefer. You will then be prompted again for your username and password. Select SUBMIT and you will proceed to your new studio’s member dashboard.

To switch to another studio, follow the same directions.