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We'll do the rest. Keep your goals fresh in mind with a reminder of your accomplishments.

Strong start

Attend at least 10 classes in your first 30 days.
Earn this badge as a new member, and you are starting off your journey with Basecamp in the strongest way possible. 

5 Mile club

Pedal at least 5 miles in one class
Your show your assault bike who's in charge. Push those pedals as fast as you can to gain speed and work on cardio. You'll have maintained an average speed of 22mph to achieve this badge.

6 Mile club

Pedal at least 6 miles in one class 
You know how to add speed and intensity to earn the sweat. You are earning that cardio burn and making it last. You'll have maintained a speed of at least 24mph to achieve this badge.

7 Mile club

Pedal at least 7 miles in one class
There's no mistake you know how to get the most out of your workout. Can you make us need an 8 Mile Club? You'll have sustained a speed of at least 26mph to achieve this badge.

100 classes

Attend 100 classes
You are showing your dedication to fitness. We know your name and we recognize that you are consistently showing up to work out.

250 classes

Attend 250 classes
This no small feat. That's the equivalent of 5 times a week for nearly a year! You have an amazing amount of devotion to working out.

500 classes

Attend 500 classes
You are a rarity and an example of what Basecamp hopes to achieve. There's nothing stopping you. You're an inspiration to those around you.

1000 classes

Attend 1000 classes
No one has earned this one… yet. We've had to make this badge because there will be someone earning this badge soon. Stay tuned!

Goal accomplished

Set your goal, write it, achieve it
You've posted your goal on the wall, told your instructors and your friends at Basecamp. You've put in the work and accomplished your goal. It's time to celebrate!

random awesomeness

Going above and beyond
Sometimes you just do things that don't fit into having amazing attendance or hitting fitness goals. You get this for being awesome, so give out extra high fives, help your gym mates, and share Basecamp with your friends.