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BURN it.
EARN it.

Push your limit for 35 minutes

We'll help you ascend to the next level with the tools, expertise, and support for building a strong heart, body, and mind.

:60 Strength

Maximize your strength training with a ton of variations to keep you working every muscle group. Use equipment such as TRX, kettle bells, weights, medicine balls, or your own body weight.

As many reps as you can do

:60 cardio

Test out your cardio limits with 1 minute bursts of cardio on a bike that fights back. We call them assault bikes for a reason. The faster you pedal, the more resistance you feel.

As many miles as you can pedal



We have a friendly, welcoming staff and a community ready to cheer you on. You don't have to plan your workout, we do all that work for you. It's a super fun, high five environment to encourage you to meet your level intensity.

You’ll be part of a class where everyone takes turns doing the same exercises in fast-paced, 60 second intervals. You’ll be alternating between pedaling your max assault bike for sweat-inducing cardio and strength training to target every muscle group.


You already have a commitment to fitness. We make sure your workouts stay fresh and always keep your body guessing at what’s next. We’ll help you find your next challenge by increasing your balance, endurance, strength, and make sure you have fun along the way. It’s a quick, efficient workout that fits what you want to focus on.


You have fitness goals and a commitment to keeping your body in form. We understand how big you goals might be and we are here to help you achieve them. We’ll help you to push harder at go a faster pace. You can build strength, endurance, and balance to use in the activities you enjoy outside of the studio. Bring your enthusiasm, and have fun a quick effective workout to help you be stronger, faster.

where are you in your fitness journey?

What to expect from the workout


Arrive 15 minutes early to stretch, find your assault bike, and meet your instructor.

Burn for 35

Push your limits in one minute intervals alternating strength and cardio to feel the burn.

Core For 10

Cool down, stretch, and work on your core strength to finish off your workout.


Sign up for your next class and join us as many times a week as your body can handle.

crush your goals. Get Results.


Pedal your way to serious, heart-pounding cardio. Your first goal is to ride 5 miles. Crush it, then increase it. You decide how hard you want to pedal.


Your commitment gets recognized. Start with reaching a Strong Start goal of attending 10 classes your first month. Keep showing up, we'll keep track.


You have your own personal fitness goals for what you want to achieve. Write your goal, put it on the studio wall, and we'll help you get there.

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