Fitness for the fierce-hearted
Fitness for the fierce-hearted


Start with the workout that pushes you to push yourself right to the point of “I-JUST-DID-THAT”.


With 35 minutes of high-energy interval training that’s modified to match – then challenge – your fitness level.


Together. Supported. Surrounded by coaches and Basecampers who also believe 100% is the only %.


The focus of the workout changes daily, but the energy never does. We blast strength and cardio, then move to core. Efficient, yes. Addictive? Also, yes.

End to End: Are you ready to bring the heat to your lower body? Today we will be challenging the lower body with slow stability and endurance moves while also keeping the legs strong with fundamental strength moves in between. Get ready to work strength and endurance in a whole new way!

Heavy H.I.I.T.ter: Heavy on the cardio today – Big pushes on the bike with recovery periods designed to test how intense you can make your intervals. Get ready to ramp the conditioning way up today and score a ton of Basecamp points!

Get A Grip: The hammer curl is one of the best grip strength builders of all the arm exercises. Today we optimize that strength by going with the heaviest weight we can hammer curl or hold over head. Get ready for an arm day that will have you feeling like POPEYE!

Power Legs 40/20: I’ve got the POWER! Say it with me! Today we combine strength speed and plyometric endurance in this high scoring lower body session.

DB 35: 35 Minutes – 1 Dumbbell – Get ready to test full body strength endurance like never before. Pick a weight that is heavy but doesn’t have to be broken up into smaller sets.

V for Victory: If you are looking for a 6 pack victory will be yours! Our focus around the different V-UP and V-SIT positions today will really focus in on those strength demanding AB moves. Get ready to really feel the burn all around the front and lower ABS in this core session.

Combo 90/15: COMBO Moves are the best way to combine strength and coordination by switching movement patterns in the same round. Let your biggest muscles take over for this heavier upper body day!

Tempo: Tempo is one of the best ways to break through plateaus and get amazing results. We are going to increase our tempo with some high speed body weight moves and then shock the body by going heavy and slowing down the tempo! Get ready to perfect your form on the DB deadlift as we are going at it 3 times today!

Pulse 40/20: Today we get more reps in 40 second than ever before by shortening that range of motion and pulsing in the second half of rounds. Plenty of time to recover with longer transitions so make sure you are revving your engine as much as you can for the entire round!

Level Up: Today we LEVEL UP! We are with floor positions to work more core stability before coming off the ground to practice balance and full extension power in this upper body strength workout!

Combine: Get ready to train your type 1 muscle fiber in this athletic combine workout! We use fast twitch exercises around your heavy strength sets to give you that added boost to your lower body strength.

Build-Up: Start simple, then BUILD-UP to more complex movements as we crush every muscle in the body. Piece by piece we will work our way towards and master a few big complex moves!

Washboard: Your clothes might be sweaty but don’t worry those WASHBOARD abs will be the perfect thing to take care of your laundry today. Today we go after the front of our stomachs stronger than ever before. Get ready for those abs to get all the work today!

V8: 4 Upper body strength moves meet 4 heart pumping cardio moves in this upper body scorcher! How high can you get your heart rate in between those slower strength moves?

Static Shock: Today we are focusing on that lower body. Burn out those legs with a combination of STATIC holds, balance work and power to balance and tone the entire lower body!

TKO: Inspired by our history in the boxing and MMA world, this workout will have you throwing some combos and mixing in some combat-style training exercises with some lighter weights. Get ready to fight!

Piston: A PISTON is designed to push then pull. This workout is exactly that! We cycle back and forth between pushing and pulling moves to really get some great functional strength in the upper body.

Balancing Act: Balance is one of the main components to being able to perform any athletic movement in and out of the gym. Today we train our balance by lifting one foot off the ground with all of our lower body exercises!

Sticking Point: Have you ever felt like you can’t get out of the bottom of a heavy squat or the bottom of a deep push up? Well that’s because those are the STICKING POINTS of those movements. Today we are going to challenge ourselves by really focusing on the hardest spots in each move to break through that plateau!

Base Pace: Today we bring it back to the bikes with this high speed workout. We are going to set a basepace in the early rounds and from their we will bring it homes with all sorts of bike work. What’s your base pace ? 20-22-24 mph?

Burnout: You gotta burn it to earn it! Today we use different techniques to challenge our upper body muscles as they reach full fatigue! Can you get just 5 more reps?!

Liftoff: Today we LIFTOFF! by combining heavy lower body strength exercises with explosive plyometric jumping moves. Get ready to power through the most fundamental strength moves for your legs and rev up your heart rate as we go body weight every 3rd round!

Pyramid: No one knows who built the PYRAMIDS but we do know how to build a strong body! This full body workout uses a medium size dumbbell and some fun compound movements getting your upper and lower body working together.

Flex: Today we FLEX those upper body muscles with this strength workout focusing on our arms and shoulders! Make sure to select a lighter weight to help you isolate the right muscles and not use any unwanted momentum to compensate.

Have a happy holidays!

Claim Your Mile: Today we go for 5 – 6 – 7 Miles! Take is easy on the floor and see just how far you can ride that bike!

Resist: Extra RESISTANCE is the focus in todays core workout. Grab a heavier dumbbell and slow things down as you build that core strength.

Symmetry 90/15: We all have a dominant side that feels a lot stronger than the other side. Today we work on creating symmetry on both sides by working unilateral strength moves in the upper body. Go big today to really increase your range of motion and get the most out of this chest and back focused workout.

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