Fitness for the fierce-hearted
Fitness for the fierce-hearted


Start with the workout that pushes you to push yourself right to the point of “I-JUST-DID-THAT”.


With 35 minutes of high-energy interval training that’s modified to match – then challenge – your fitness level.


Together. Supported. Surrounded by coaches and Basecampers who also believe 100% is the only %.


The focus of the workout changes daily, but the energy never does. We blast strength and cardio, then move to core. Efficient, yes. Addictive? Also, yes.

Isolate: ISOLATION is the best way to get the shoulders and arms that you want. Smaller muscle groups require finite movement patterns in order to target and ISOLATE the biceps triceps and shoulders!

Fast Twitch 40/20: Light those legs on fire with this fast paced dynamic lower body workout. We combine some light strength moves with penalty box and fast footwork to get those smaller FAST TWITCH muscle fibers in action. Get ready to see those Basecamp points climb through the roof.

Drive 90/15: Our power to DRIVE weight comes from the core and the floor. Use your connection to the ground and center of gravity to control and drive the weight in any direction you want!

C2E: Core 2 Extremity! Our core is what ties everything together when it comes to transferring strength and preforming athletic movements. This core session will help you connect your core to all your bodies capabilities!

Piston: A PISTON is designed to push then pull. This workout is exactly that! We cycle back and forth between pushing and pulling moves to really get some great functional strength in the upper body.

Rise: This lower body focused workout will keep you on your toes as we combine lower body strength with dynamic plyometric movements to keep your heartrate up. An added emphasis on the calves mixed in throughout the workout will have your entire lower body on fire!

Strong Heart: Strength meets conditioning in this STRONG HEART WORKOUT. We kick the workout off by going heavy for the first ten exercises before ramping up the conditioning with a classic Basecamp Fitness finisher!

Gunshow: Did you know that your Basecamp membership comes with two tickets to the gunshow? Only catch is you have to show up to this upper body workout to claim your entry. Get ready to go after the biceps like never before in this arm focused strength workout!

Explode 40/20: Today we explode by using our bodies force in the floor with fast paced plyometric moves. Find your rhythm as you attempt to move for 40 seconds without any stops!

Sticking Point: Have you ever felt like you can’t get out of the bottom of a heavy squat or the bottom of a deep push up? Well that’s because those are the STICKING POINTS of those movements. Today we are going to challenge ourselves by really focusing on the hardest spots in each move to break through that plateau!

Strong Side: Unilateral core work will really test both sides of the core! STRONG SIDE is designed to test the cross connection that the core utilizes to move the body for all athletic movements.

Swole: SWOLE patrol! We go after every single upper body muscle in todays strength focused class. We will start with the larger compound upper body moves before finishing with isolation to take our upper body to its limits.

Master Sprinter: Light weight explosive movements are the key to developing great speed and sprinting ability. Get ready for one of the most challenging sprint days on our assault air bikes.

Metcon: Full body burn with todays METCON workout! How many Basecamp points can you score on one of our biggest point getters in our programming!

V8: 4 Upper body strength moves meet 4 intense cardio moves in this upper body scorcher. How high can you get your heart rate in between those slower strength moves?

Watts Up: How much power do you have on the bike today? WATTS are another way to measure our energy output outside of speed and distance. We will use this today to increase our endurance and burn calories in a whole new way!

Trifecta 90/15: Maybe the greatest 3PEAT in sports as we know it! Today we rock the perfect TRIFECTA by going upper body, lower body then full body as we work our way through this full body strength day!

Washboard: Your clothes might be sweaty but don’t worry those WASHBOARD abs will be the perfect thing to take care of your laundry today. Today we go after the front of our stomachs stronger than ever before. Get ready for those abs to get all the work today!

Double Trouble: Back to back rounds in the same movement pattern is going to have you getting into DOUBLE TROUBLE with this upper body workout! Get ready to really rep it out with some strong weights and get those muscles on fire and hearts pumping.

End to End: Are you ready to bring the heat to your lower body? Today we will be challenging the lower body with slow stability and endurance moves while also keeping the legs strong with fundamental strength moves in between. Get ready to work strength and endurance in a whole new way!

Chaos: Get ready to push that heart rate and test your body weight endurance with one of Basecamps highest scoring workouts. CHAOS! 4 exercises combine forces every 5th round in this full body workout that will leave you in a puddle of your own sweat!

Plyo Pump 40/20: Upper body meets plyo in this perfect 40/20 pump session. Get ready to test dynamic upper body strength with this fresh format.

Blitz: We ramp up those transitions today as we BLITZ from station to station. Push the pedal to the medal with 60 seconds on light lower body moves! If you move fast enough you might just sack Tom Brady!

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